Main topics: - how to proceed to grow his company in export to the international business - Know to catch new opportunities. - strategy plan for international development. -process lead for export from the sales side. - business culture - tools to get into international development in Israel and in France. About the lecture: Zeev Afriat is a serial entrepreneur, CEO OF World Global Technology (fintech company) and Kfir Consulting (HLS company) helping the companies to penetrate new markets in France, Europe, and Africa. Have 25 years of experience in real estate in Europe. Setup Many Projects in France in Homeland Security and Defense in Africa. Consultant for startups, SMEs, and Corporate on Business strategy. When: Please choose Wednesday, Dec. 8th, 18:00 in the booking system -------->

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 01:30 Hours
  • Location:Online Link


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