Main topics: * How to raise money through the use of a grant fund headed by the Innovation Authority * What is the difference between technological innovation and functional innovation * A matter of money - where we choose to invest About the lecturer: Ronen Chen is an experienced CEO and CTO, with long entrepreneurial history in the internet and Fintech industry. He combines experience in Computer Science, Pre-sales, Direct Sales, Development and Data Analysis. Ronen holds a Bachelor of Science degree, BSc & MA, with a focus in Mathematics and Computer Science, from Tel Aviv University. Founded Virtual Data (2014), a credit fraud prediction startup for eCommerce. Also co-founded crypto fraud detection startup. Currently pursuing a PhD in mathematical economics with an emphasis on game theory. When: Please choose Wednesday, Dec. 15th, 18:00 in the booking system -------->

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 01:30 Hours
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