Main topics: Running a Startup or a new product means, before everything, uncertainty. In a restless world that moves fast and changes all the time, a new approach is required to build a successful, adaptive business. In this session, you will explore the methodology described in the bestseller that started a movement - 'The Lean Startup' - to see how it can make any venture, initiative, and product successful and viable over time. You will learn how to discover what customers want using MVP and validated learning, validate a company's business model during all the product life cycle, and invest your efforts only in products that people will love and use. About the lecturer: Hanan Lipskin - founder of Keepers Child Safety. He has extensive experience and unwavering determination to win in the market, providing executive leadership to large development programs that create world-changing software. solutions. In addition, he has an extensive background in marketing and business management. Hanan lives in Tel-Aviv, owns a poodle named Daisy, and drives a Vespa! When: Please choose Wednesday, Mar. 30th, 18:00 in the booking system -------->

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 01:30 Hours
  • Location:Online Link


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